At CB Recruitment we offer a wide range of recruitment and consultancy services to help businesses work better.

From providing permanent and interim recruitment packages to technical consulting and outplacement services.

We use our specialist expert knowledge to provide a tailored service specific to your needs.

Direct Recruitment Support

From providing permanent and interim recruitment packages to technical consulting and outplacement services.

Whilst there are significant benefits to using external recruitment agencies for your staffing needs, we understand there will also be many occasions when employers decide to run the recruitment process themselves.

However, even if an employer has HR/ recruitment resource internally, managing the whole process yourselves presents more challenges than most expect.

With the main reasons for direct recruitment being cost driven, we have created some added value processes that keep employers’ costs down but still save time and give peace of mind.

Why use CB if recruiting yourself?

  • Large volumes of applications take significant time to assess
  • CV blindspot – 350 applications all end up looking the same – don’t miss talent
  • 15-20 calls to candidates takes 7.5 to 10 hours for junior jobs – double the time for senior jobs
  • You will damage your employer brand if you don’t respond to those you’re not shortlisting – this will hurt you in a talent short marketplace
  • Work out the hourly rate of your internal staff – how long are they spending on this instead of their day job?

Outplacement Services

At CB, we understand that employers have tough decisions to make regarding company structures and staffing numbers. Redundancy can be a difficult time for everyone involved so we tailor our services to each company’s needs to ensure we deliver the right outplacement service at the right time.

We offer free guidance, advice and practical support to employees to drive the quickest possible route to their next venture.

Demonstrate Company Values

Support employees by maximising their job prospects

Market Expertise

Benefit from our knowledge and expertise of the job market and career consultancy

Maintain Productivity

positive employee engagement and high morale, reducing conflict during consultation and redundancy

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